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Read the latest Timmy News on Facebook

There are lots of ways to keep up with the latest Timmy Time news and enjoy Timmy’s adventures with your little ones. You can follow Timmy on Facebook, where you’ll find clips, news, competitions and more from the world of Aardman.

Watch Timmy on YouTube and TV

Visit Timmy’s YouTube channel to watch the Learning Time with Timmy series, or see where Timmy is shown on TV where you live in our listing below. Timmy makes regular appearances on the CBeebies channel in the UK. You can take a look at the CBeebies schedule here to see when Timmy is on TV.

Learn and Play with Timmy Time

Your little ones can have fun learning with our three Learning Time with Timmy apps for iOS and Android (also available as a special bundle in the Apple Store.) Designed for children aged 2-6 who are learning English (or under two for children with English as a first language), the apps feature fun and colourful games that introduce concepts such as colours and numbers, as well as boosting vocabulary, hand-eye coordination and concentration. Created in association with British Council, the apps provide a safe and fun learning environment for your child and do not feature in-app purchases or adverts.

Learning Time with Timmy One
Learning Time with Timmy Two
Learning Time with Timmy Three

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